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About us

easyprofs recruitment audience ? students and young graduates

Easyprofs.ch is a service of leekeed, the main objectives of which are:

  • Developing university students' potential. Our company is in constant contact with students from all of the Swiss "hautes écoles" (UNI, EPF, HES, HEP). Our privileged situation allows us to respond rapidly to all your requests.
  • Guaranteeing quality support by choosing the best teachers from a database of over 30'000 contacts.
  • Providing a service to a wide public: pupils, students, companies and adults.
  • Coordinating administration of assignment and payment of teachers.Organising professional services, primarily through a highly effective online interface, providing: system-planning, lesson follow-up,...
  • Offering a wide choice of subjects at all different levels at attractive prices. These are presented in hourly packages with an inscription fee covering all administrative charges.


About Leekeed:

With specific responsibility for the project, Leekeed sŕrl is a spin-off company of Etucom sŕrl and Studicom sŕrl. Started in 2008, it specialises in the organisation and management of human resources in the academic world and is an authorised employment bureau.  Thanks to its wide range of activities, Leekeed sŕrl has an enormous database of qualified and competent teachers located in all the "hautes écoles" (UNI, EPF, HES, HEP). This network allows it to undertake many different projects, notably in marketing, distribution and promotion.

Through the easyprofs' project, the company is extending its services and is becoming an important partner for students looking to find work.

A. I need a lesson, how does it work?

To use easyprofs services follow these steps:

  1. Chose a course
  2. Identify yourself on the website
  3. Fill out the form with your details
  4. Chose a method of payment
  5. Pay for the course
  6. Arrange the first meeting
  7. Start the first lesson


B. I want to become a teacher, how does that work?

To participate in the easyprofs program, follow these steps:

  1. Identify yourself on the website
  2. Complete your profile
  3. Specify your subject(s) of interest
  4. Complete an initial on-line questionnaire
  5. Await validation by our HR department
  6. Inscribe for the courses that correspond to your profile


Easyprofs is a registered marque (registered under No. 57982/2010) in the Federal Intellectual Property Institute (l'Institut Fédéral de la Propriété Intellectuelle).