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Created in 1999 by students, for students, this platform has quickly become the number one reference point for young students. Its varied content that is always up to date, serves a community of over 55'000 members.

Many projects have come from etudiants.ch :

  • etumag - student's lifestyle magazine: published in 35'000 copies, it is distributed free in all the French speaking campuses (UNI, EPF, HES, HEP). The contributors (writers, translators, illustrators and photographers) are students. (http://www.etumag.ch)
  • etubloggers : a free blog column available to exchange students all around the world.(http://www.etubloggers.ch)
  • etudiants.tv: the first TV channel 100% dedicated to students. It is a media addition to the ONLINE and PRINT projects(http://www.etudiants.tv)




Main site for students' seeking jobs during studies and holidays, this is provided in 3 versions

  • etujobs.ch for the French speaking part of Switzerland
  • studijobs.ch for the German speaking part of Switzerland
  • studentijobs.ch pour la Suisse italienne

The site contains a lot of information and tips about how to better understand the working world. A personal interface allows each user to track the status of their inscriptions.
The ads carried are exclusively reserved for students. The new version of etudiants.ch also contains all the offers and ads published on etujobs.ch. 




Dedicated to future and young graduate students, students-careers is available in the 3 national languages (German, French, Italian). It groups together the ads and events of the websites partners.  Users have the possibility to post their CV on-line (anonymously or publicly).  Students-careers also publishes all the articles from the magazine of the same name ? distributed free, with 72'000 copies in all the campuses of the country. Note: the French articles in the magazine are also accessible on etudiants.ch



Student Show (Salon des étudiants )

Started in 2007, this is the biggest event dedicated to students.  Over 2 days, more than 6'000 people visit 100 stands and attend presentations and conferences.  The Salon has 3 main themes: orientation, training and recruitment.  The next event is planned for the following dates :

- 29 + 30.03.2012




Started on the 09.09.09, mandatoo is aimed at taking care of groups of students participating in its partners projects. For each request, the project leaders look after recruiting, coaching and supporting the selected candidates. Most academic subjects are covered:

  • Accounting and finance
  • Marketing & sales
  • Human resources
  • Administrative support
  • Programming and web design
  • Graphic design & multimedia
  • Writing & translation
  • Promotion



Easyprofs company partners

The following 4 companies are involved in making this project work:

  • leekeed: created in 2008, the company's objective is to coordinate all the human resource activities linked to students' projects (selection, recruitment, job placement, salaries). It is an authorised employment agency. (http://www.leekeed.com)
  • etucom : specialised in  communications and student services, the company is responsible for all electronic projects. In less than 5 years it has established itself as the interlocutor of choice for young students in Switzerland.  It concentrated it activities in 4 main areas ONLINE, PRINT, EVENTS and STAFFING.(http://www.etucom.com)
  • kesako: this company has been working on the technological aspects of the project for 10 years; it conceives, develops, tests and improves all of etudiants.ch's modules.  Created by a student from Lausanne University, it uses regular input from other young students to upgrade its functionalities. (http://www.kesako.ch)
  • studicom: a sister company of etucom, it is developing activities in Swiss-Germany. As well as looking after Studimag, it takes care of the new electronic platforms. It coordinates the launching of services to the «wider public ». (http://www.studicom.com)

All 4 companies share the same management and administration. Their offices are in Lausanne (+41-21-343 20 50) and Zurich (+41-43-333 19 01).


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