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General terms and conditions

Easyprofs is a project created by a company called Leekeed, based in Lausanne. It offers services such as tutoring, private and group lessons, coaching and educational advices intended to students, scholars, private persons or companies (designated as a "client").

This following regulation states the general terms and conditions concerning the inscriptions to classes and the rights and obligations of the client. The customer has to take notice of this following regulation and must comply with it.

The client buys a course for himself or for a third party. In both cases, the person following the lesson is later designated as a "student". The course is personal and non- transferable.
Preparatory or group courses are sold as a package. A course represents a number of lessons and is sold as a "package".
A lesson is the services provided by a teacher to his student.
By default, the lesson lasts at least 1 hour. The time calculated for a lesson is a quarter of an hour. Each opened section is considered as completed. For example:
-    a lesson of 63 minutes = 5 quarter of hours used
-    a lesson of 75 minutes = 5 quarter of hours used
If possible, we encourage the teacher and the student to plan the duration of a lesson.

The following terms are linked to the contract between Easyprofs and the student. If the latter is not adult, the contract must be accepted and signed by his/her legal representative.

The written prices are in net amounts and in Swiss francs. The activities related to education are not subject to the VAT.

The payments are defined in accordance with our different offers. No discount or reductions are submitted after the reservation of courses. In all cases the payments have to be done before the beginning of the first lesson. The research of a teacher starts after the reception of the payment (in total or deposit). This operation lasts between 5 to 10 working days in accordance of the chosen period and the place of the lesson. The non-payment automatically follows a suspension of the courses, even if they are already planned.
The reminder fees are :
- First reminder (30 days)  : 20.00 CHF + 6% interest
- Second reminder (60 days) : 50.00 CHF + 6% interest
If the payments are made by credit card, the commission is calculated and added to the price sale.
The different payment solutions are available on the "payment methods".

It is not possible to change the subject or the level of the contract. On the other hand the client can change at any time the duration of his contract. These modifications may have several consequences:
1. Cancellation of contract
2. At the end of the formation:
- Extension of the contract: There are no additional inscription fees. A new offer is sent to the client as an extension of the contract. The contract's extension is possible until 1 month after the end of the last lesson.
3. During the formation :
- Augmentation of the number of hours (UPGRADE) : the hours are calculated at the end of the package. Only the additional hours (difference between the new and the first package) are calculated at the new rate.
- Reduction of the number of hours (DOWNGRADE) : the transition to a package with fewer lessons must be done before the second lesson. All hours are calculated on the basis of the new package. Administrative fees of 20.00 CHF are perceived

« Upgrade » example :
The transition of a package of 10 hours at 40.00 CHF/hour (which is already paid) to a package of 20 hours at 38.00 CHF/hour with 1 hour already fulfilled:
- There will still be 9 hours of lessons at 40.00 CHF
- New price : 10 hours x 38.00 = 380.00 CHF
- To be paid : 380.00 CHF

« Downgrade » example :
The transition of a package of 20 hours at 38.00 CHF/hour to a package of 10 hours at 40.00 CHF/hour with 1 hour already fulfilled:
- There will still be 9 hours of lessons
- New price: 10 hours (package 10) x 40.00 + 20.00 (fees) = 420.00 CHF
- To be reimburse: 760.00 (= 20 x 38.00) ? 420.00 = 340.00 CHF

In case of the contract's extension or of an upgrade and if the teacher cannot continue his work, another teacher will be appointed by the administration of Easyprofs.

The « consumed » hours are not reimbursed. An hour which has already started is considered as completely « consumed ». An interrupted lesson is considered as entirely « consumed ».
For example :
A package of 10 hours is interrupted after 2h30 minutes. 7 hours will be reimbursed according to the package's hourly rate.

The two parties have the right to cancel a lesson up to one working day before the beginning of the course. Just use the interface and ask for a rescheduling. It must be validated by the other person.
If the cancellation occurs during the working day preceding the lesson, it is obligatory to phone the administration of Easyprofs. Depending on the case, the lesson may be rescheduled or considered as fulfilled.

The cancellation of a course by the client must be given in writing and for valid reasons (moving abroad, hospitalization, death).
This procedure must be done two working days before the first lesson. The course will be reimbursed.
After the first lesson, a course can be cancelled. The fulfilled lessons are not reimbursed, as well as the lessons scheduled within the 5 working days before the cancellation is accepted. The balance of the course is returned.
In all cases, administrative fees of 20.00 CHF are perceived. Credit card fees are not reimbursed.
The cancellation process is valid for all ordered courses. No compensation for damages or interest will be given in case of a course cancellation.

In case of repeated bad behaviour from the student (discipline, disrespect of the instructions), the course may be cancelled without any refund.

A teacher who cannot carry out the contract shall be replaced by the administration of Easyprofs at no cost for the client.

The scheduling of a lesson is planned by an agreement between the teacher and the student. It may be validated though the interface of the course.

Non-attendances and delays must be reported in the interface of the course.

The services offered by Easyprofs are not bound to any obligations of result. They only respond to learning needs, assistance and educational support. The responsibility of the company Leekeed sŕrl (through the services of Easyprofs) will not be in any case responsible for the disability of the student wether caused directly or indirectly by its services.
Leekeed sŕrl (through the services of Easyprofs) declines all responsibility concerning the behaviour of the teacher and the student. If the student is an adult, the student and the teacher are responsible of their relationship but if the student is a minor, the responsibility will go to his/her legal representative.


All elements relating to the support, content of the services and website are and remain the intellectual property of the company Leekeed. Any reproduction, use, redistribution, even partial, of these elements is strictly prohibited.


The services offered through easyprofs are only available in Switzerland

The following regulation is in service since the 01.01.2012.

The competent jurisdiction is in Lausanne.

The registration to Easyprofs' services (proposed by the company Leekeed sŕrl) is only possible if the teacher accept without any conditions and changes the following terms and conditions.

The company Leekeed sŕrl reserves all rights at any time to complete, change or replace all or parts of these terms and conditions. The latest version is always published online.

2011, Leekeed sŕrl