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Teachers' frequently asked questions (FAQs)

easyprofs : questions fréquentes des profs


Where do individual courses take place?
Individual courses always take place at the student's home, or in any other place chosen by both parties.

Do you offer a full time employment?
easyprofs offers an « à la carte » employment, depending on your availabilities.

What levels and subjects are taught?   
Our lessons are for any level from primary to higher degrees and professional qualifications and available to students, adults, and companies or organizations.


How do I inscribe to become an easyprofs teacher?
To join our team you must create an account and complete an evaluation form.

What conditions are needed to apply?
To apply to be a teacher you must:
-    be over 18.
-    be a university student or a young graduate.


What is the hourly salary?
The hourly salary varies depending on the subject taught and the pupil's level.  No negotiation is possible, either with easyprofs or with the pupil.

How are the lessons given paid for?   
We pay the teachers monthly by bank or postal cheque. You can check the state of your pay at any time on your personal teacher's account.

Are travel costs taken care of?  
No, this is why easyprofs makes every effort to find a teacher as close as possible to the pupils' home.


How can I stay informed about new courses being announced?
Once we have received, studied and accepted your application you will be included on our distribution for course information and situations available. This list is sent automatically and the frequency may vary.  If you are interested you just need to apply to the notice of situations available. Your inscription will then be analysed by our specialists. It is important to keep your profile updated: teaching experience, availability, both time and location, certificates and useful documents, and your desire to receive the ads that are most applicable to you.

I inscribed a long time ago and I still haven't been selected.
There can be several answers to this question.  Either your profile is too restrictive (levels, availability, etc.) or does not correspond to the requests we receive, or no request specifically corresponding to your profile has come to our knowledge.

If I am asked to give a lesson in a different place from the one to which I usually go, what must I do? Do I have to accept?  
Lessons will always take place at the pupil's home.  If you receive specific requests you must always inform your easyprofs contact.  You must also make sure the lesson takes place in a quiet and well lit area.

My student's parents are around during lessons and this bothers me, how can I tackle this?
You explain respectfully that their presence can only disturb their child.  You can also explain to them how to help their child in between two lessons.  Generally, you must keep an open dialogue with the parents and inform them of their child's progress.  Don't hesitate to send them the feedback you fill out at the end of each course.

The lessons are often disturbed by noise or by members of the family how should I handle this?
You explain respectfully that noise and all exterior disruptions can harm the pupil's concentration and ability to learn.

What must I do and who do I call when I cannot give a lesson? Is this lesson postponed?
For organisational reasons, except in exceptional circumstances, to cancel a lesson you must advise the pupil in advance and easyprofs must agree your request.  If this is not done a deduction may be made to the teacher's salary. You must also arrange a new lesson as soon as possible. In case of illness, easyprofs may ask for a medical certificate.

Can I propose homework or additional exercises?
To check if your pupil has understood their lesson properly you can give them some exercises for the next session. However, this additional work must not put his regular schooling at risk.

Can I program lessons during weekends, holidays?
The lessons are planned based on your availability as well as that of the pupil.

I would like to teach additional subjects how can I do this?
All you need to do is add information in your profile, under the rubric « teaching requests ».  If you wish to teach a subject that is not on our present list you can contact us at any time to propose additional subjects.